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International Student Health Insurance Calgary

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Ensure good health and fuel your learning journey.

International Student Insurance

Getting set for a study program especially in another country takes a lot of courage. A student’s life is full of surprises, especially in a land unknown to them, but when these surprises are full of health issues and unexpected medical bills, then the journey of learning turns into a journey of panic and stressful events.

It is time to safeguard your learning experience with international student insurance, which would help to prevent any health-related disruptions in education while you study in a foreign land. In case, the student is unable to continue the study due to a long illness and has already paid the fee of their respective course to the institution; the fees will be reimbursed into the student’s accounts.

With Insure Horizons, international students can claim a number of benefits, such as:

More focus on study, less focus on medical bills

Being sick in a foreign country when you are there for a study program can be devastating as you are on your own, and it affects your learning a lot. In addition to this, all of a sudden, medical bills act as fuel to the fire that you are already struggling to put out. To prevent this fire from expanding and the stress of the medical bills getting the best of you, it is essential that you get yourself an international student insurance that ensures that you do not face any problems regarding your health issues and complete your studies efficiently.
Serving for your bright future
At Insure Horizon, we comprehend the difficulties that international students face as they try to focus on their studies in a land that is unknown to them. Health issues are a factor that only makes the situation worse. Therefore, we provide the students with an insurance plan that is a remedy for all their health-related problems. We aim to offer a service that fulfils the needs of the students and helps them to claim the full value of their money by getting international student insurance. Contact Insure Horizons and ensure a smooth journey of learning with one of the leading insurance companies in Canada.