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Group Benefits

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Retain the Best Talent With Group Benefit Insurance Calgary

Group benefits are a type of insurance that the company obtains for its employees. It covers a group of people, such as company employees. In this, benefits such as insurance coverage, health coverage, vision insurance, life insurance, dental insurance, and disability insurance are provided to a group of people. Different companies might provide different benefits to their employees. But offering these benefits is a lucrative approach to retaining the best talent. Trust us, Insure Horizons, to help you elevate your small business.
Before joining a company, employees consider various factors such as salary and employee benefits that the company is providing. If you have a company and wish to employ the best talents in the company, then you should offer lucrative deals to the employees. This will not only help in improving the brand image of the company, but will also help employees to stay loyal and satisfied with the company. We at Insure Horizons understand the needs of small and medium scale companies and, hence, offer a variety of packages to choose from.

Elevate the Well-Being of Your Team With Group Benefit Insurance

Opting for group benefits is more affordable as compared to individual insurance. Also, it provides extensive coverage. Insure Horizons offers different packages, and you can customize the package based on the needs of your small or medium scale business. By offering such health and life insurance benefits, you can attract the best talent for your company and ensure that the employees will be taken care of.

Group Health Insurance

It is a type of insurance that provides benefits to a group that works in an organization or is a member of the same company. This is beneficial for both the company and the employees. As the benefits cover a large group of people, the premium cost is lowered. In addition to this, group benefits provide more extensive coverage than individual insurance policies. Besides this, when such benefits are offered to the employees working in the company, it enhances and increases their loyalty towards the company. This will make the employees feel satisfied and valued, and ensure that they serve the company for a longer period of time. 

We offer various plans that include the following:

Group Dental Insurance

Group dental insurance provides multiple people working in an organization various dental related benefits. It provides coverage for various dental problems. It is easy to obtain insurance for a group as compared to individual policies. The employees can get benefits of insurance coverage for as long as they are a part of the company or group.

Group Disability Insurance

We cannot see or predict the future, and life can be challenging. If, at some point in life, a person suffers from an accident or due to some other health condition, the person becomes disabled, then in such cases, disability insurance is beneficial. This insurance is a type of replacement of the income to ensure that your employee and people dependent on the employee can stay afloat during such uncertain adversities. This insurance can be availed for both short-term and long-term, depending on your requirements.