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Retirement Plans (RRSP)

Retirement is a phase that almost every individual has to go through in their life. To ensure a retirement that is enjoyable and does not involve worries about finances, enrol yourself with the retirement plans provided by insure horizons. Plan a stress-free future and prepare for the unknown challenges coming your way.

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Kids Education Plans (RESP)

Who doesn’t want a bright future for their kids. However, a bright future requires advanced planning. Plan the best future for your kids with our registered education savings plan and give them the life they deserve to live. Help your child explore their horizons with assured horizons.

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Life Insurance

Life is uncertain and challenging; we cannot prevent these uncertainties, but we can definitely be prepared for them. Secure the future of your loved ones with our customizable life insurance plan. You can customize the plan for a specified term and ensure financial protection for your family.

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Group Benefits

A good team makes a good organisation and takes it to the top. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the organisation to take care of their employees in case they require medical consultation. With our group benefits the organisations can ensure the best plans for their employees that would cover their several medical requirements.

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Critical Illness and Disability Insurance

Critical illness can be daunting and being diagnosed with one can be very difficult, and financial stress can additionally worsen the situation. This can be prevented with our Critical Illness and disability Insurance service. We offer insurance for various critical illnesses and disabilities so you can focus on your speedy recovery without having to worry about the finances.

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An assured tax-free saving allows you to be free from all the worries whenever you require financial support. With TFSA through insure horizons, you can enjoy all the benefits of a tax-free savings account and ensure a tax-free withdrawal at any time.

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About Us

Protect and Safeguard Your Future With Insure Horizons

Insure Horizons has helped several clients choose the right insurance policy to secure their future and safeguard their present. With many years of experience in the industry, we recommend you to be prepared as the future is not in our hands but we can take preventive measures and be prepared. Hence, our goal is to offer you the best service and to ensure that you live your life worry-free.

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Are you ready to secure your future with us? Contact Insure Horizons to secure your future and live worry-free. We can help address your questions and concerns and provide guidance that will help you select the right insurance plan that caters to your needs.

Why Choose

Why Choose Insure Horizons?

Since we have been in this industry for more than 14 years, we offer our best advice and expertise to the clients. You can rely on us and stay worry-free, as we will help you select the right insurance service and plan for you.
Tailored Solutions
We provide our customer plans that are tailored to meet their insurance needs. We understand that each person has different needs, thus we offer customizable insurance services. To know which plan suits you the best, contact us and get in touch with our reliable expert professionals.
Customer Centric Approach
We aim to provide customers with the best services. Our priority is your satisfaction. We offer full assistance and support to customers so that they can get the best and most reliable deals.
Comprehensive Policy Options
Insure Horizons provide a wide range of comprehensive insurance services. Our insurance services cover not only health and travel but also covers property and international student insurance. Insure Horizons is a one stop destination for all your insurance needs.
Responsive Customer Support:
We provide prompt service to the customers, so if you have any question or concern contact us to get an answer and resolve your doubts. Your satisfaction is most important for us. So, if you need help we are just a call away.
Experienced Professionals
To provide you with the best service, we together with our dedicated team work hard and prioritise your satisfaction. We have a team of experts that can help you in every step of your insurance plans whether you are getting an insurance policy for the first time or you need to examine or reassess your coverage, we have got you covered.


What Client's Says

insurance brokers in Chestermere
John D.
insurance brokers in Chestermere
I highly recommend Insure Horizons as they are quite knowledgeable and also provide customized insurance services. They have attention to detail and helped me with my insurance needs. Thank you, Insure Horizons; I am very satisfied with the services.
insurance brokers in Chestermere
David R.
insurance brokers in Chestermere
I had some concerns regarding the insurance, I contacted Insure Horizons and they answered all my queries and concerns and also provided me with the best service. So I would say it is the best insurance company in Canada and would recommend their service to others as well.
insurance brokers in Chestermere
Susan M.
insurance brokers in Chestermere
I was diagnosed with a critical illness and thanks to Insure Horizons life term plan. This insurance not only helped me pay all medical expenses but also helped in giving me peace of mind. I am fortunate to have recovered from my illness. Thanks to Insure Horizons for supporting me when I needed it the most.
insurance brokers in Chestermere
insurance brokers in Chestermere
insurance brokers in Alberta

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