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No Medical Life Insurance in Canada

Get Quick and Non-Invasive Medical Insurance

Whole Life Insurance
When opting for medical insurance, there are several complications, examinations, and tests that are practised to get the insurance. But what if you had a quick and invasive method of getting life insurance that can keep you from all the hassle? With no medical life insurance, you can get insurance without examinations or any other invasive methods.

Insure Horizons understands the difficulty that people face in getting medical insurance. Therefore, we offer a service that can help you deal with your medical expenses with quick and easily accessible methods. Our no-medical life insurance plan omits all the traditional medical exams that were required to issue a policy to you.

Some of the traditional medical exams for insurance include the collection of the following data:

Protect Your Health In The Easiest Way Possible.

The policies that are included in the no medical life insurance only require a basic health-related questionnaire and do not require any medical exams to be issued. It is available in terms of decades like 10, 20, 30 years or as a whole life insurance policy.

Efficient Service For Your Benefit

At Insure Horizons, we comprehend the intricate process that is required to access medical insurance. Therefore, our services provide various insurance options that are made to fulfil all the needs and requirements of the policyholder. We also understand the several reasons why an individual would require such services, including the following reasons:
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