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Non Registered Investments Canada

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Non-Registered Investment - A Flexible Investment Account

A Non-registered investment is known as a “ taxable” or an “open” account. It is not registered with Canada’s Federal Government. Non-registered investments are flexible, offer tax benefits and have no limits for contribution. Non-registered accounts can be utilized like your financial plan. It has benefits like flexibility and no contribution limits. Also, this account can be used for a lifetime.
When you invest in a non-registered account, you can earn interest and dividend income. However, this income is taxable. Another advantage of a non-registered investment account is that it allows a lot of flexibility, as there is no limit on how much money you can add to the account. Besides this, non-registered investment accounts have no age limits. Hence, it allows you to invest even after 60 or 70 years of age. Contact Insure Horizons and consult with our expert advisors and save your money with flexibility.

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Since non-registered accounts do not have an age limit, any person aged 19 (in some provinces) or above 19 can open a non-registered investment account. It is also beneficial for elderly people of age 71 or older if they still wish to keep investing for their retirement, as in RRSP, the income fund must be matured by the age of 71. You can use non-registered accounts if you have topped your TFSA or RRSP contribution limits. If you have any questions or queries regarding non-registered investment accounts, contact Insure Horizons and get expert guidance and advice from our professional investment advisors.