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Insure Horizon’s Contribution To Protect Mother Earth

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    Insure Horizon’s Contribution To Protect Mother Earth

    On Earth Day day, we celebrate the environmental diversity of our planet. It is celebrated on 22nd April every year. Along with celebration, Earth Day is also a reminder of conducting sustainable practices to mutually fight climate change and perils like global warming. As a contribution towards the betterment of our planet, Insure Horizon planted 366 trees in Canada. 

    Last year, nearly 5% of the Canadian Forest was damaged due to wildfires. These wildfires burned an area of more than 121,000 square kilometres. It has caused a severe impact not only on wildlife but also on human life. It is crucial to take steps such as planting trees, following sustainable practices, reducing plastic usage, and increasing the use of recycling and reuse to mitigate its perilous consequences on the environment, wildlife and human life.

    Although a single effort will not change the condition overnight, every step counts. Hence, we at Insure Horizon urge everyone to plant trees and take steps at their level to fight environmental change and reduce the harmful impact our activities are causing on the planet. Small steps can create a huge difference over time. 

    Join Insure Horizon on the journey to protect the environment by taking steps for reforestation, conservation, and the protection of forests not only in Canada but all around the world. Happy Earth Day. Don’t just protect the planet on Earth Day; protect it every day.